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Sparklum Cleaner

Sparklum Cleaner

Sparklum Cleaner

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*STOP Using A Traditional Mop*

Avoiding back pain and cleaning the house has never been easy, especially if you use a traditional mop that requires bending the waist and poor water absorption, in addition, it is difficult to clean and difficult to lift out of the bucket.

Sparklum Cleaner has a telescopic handle that adjusts to the right length so you can effortlessly clean your baseboards without bending over and causing back pain. Simply hold the handle and let the microfiber cleaning pads do the rest.

Free splicing, 5 steel pipes can be spliced for free, 5 steel pipes can reach 110 cm and high places can also be cleaned, scraped, etc., saving effort.

The mop head rotates 180 degrees, and any corner can be easily cleaned,including dead ends and deep gaps. No need to climb stairs or bend down to clean. Save time and energy.

It has tension adjustment loops on both sides, easy to install: just pull it out to install or replace it.

The triangular mop has two fabric heads, one chenille mop head, and one fiber fabric head. The high-quality chenille mop head is thick and soft, with super absorbency and suction power. The fiber cloth mop head also has superb absorption capacity and suction power.

Easy Installations:

  • STEP 1: Docking the tray with a rod;
  • STEP 2: Stop, turn and tighten the rods;
  • STEP 3: Adjust the fiber cloth and the circle and loop tightly;
  • ETAPE 4: Install the chenille fabric and place the elastic fabric in the tray.

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